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A Couple New Favorites for the iPad

Friday, September 2, 2011

Thanks to a suggestion from Rummel Creek librarian Karen Harrell, I recently downloaded two FREE apps to my iPad:  Color Effects & Stamp It!  I have had more fun playing with these two apps!  Color Effects will let you make a photo black & white...and then recolor just selected parts of the picture.  Stamp It! allows you to stamp words, phrases, numbers, etc. onto a photo.  Super fun!

So here's a little project I worked on using both apps.  First, I took a photo with my iPad2.

Next, I made the photo black and white and then recolored the box of staples and the disk using Color Effects.
Finally, I stamped the picture using the names of the shapes of those two objects.  You can add as many stamps as you'd like to a photo using Stamp It!
And there you go...a super easy, fun way for students to identify various shapes and 3-d figures in the environment!
I'm sure you can come up with MANY more uses for these two apps...not only in math but also in Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies...the sky's the limit!


Robye said...

I love, love, love the look of your blog. So cool.

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