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A Few Math Sites

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Recently I've been digging around online to find some good math websites that we can include in our curriculum frameworks.  I've come across a few that I really like!

First of all, if you're looking for a math website, one place you can turn is  The organizer of this wiki is constantly updating his site with various math games.  They are all organized by category, such as Geometry, Fractions, Number Lines, etc.  His collection is HUGE!!

I've also recently come across Problem Solving Decks.  These are on the Public Schools of North Carolina website and there are some really nice problems in here.  Good word problems are SO hard to much of what is out there is just rote practice without any context.  LOVE that these are available to all of us!

Finally, I've been playing around on and  Both of these sites allow children to practice a vareity of math skills while competing against students from around the world.  They are just have to sign up and then register your kids.

What other math websites have you discovered lately???


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